Caring for animals for over 35 years

Teaching and educating for over 15 years

Black Cricket Animal Services

We are passionate about all animals and have a range of skills, knowledge, understanding and qualifications in animal care and teaching to give you the best possible service that you require . We are professional in our approach yet friendly and will listen to and carry out your requirements.

 Pets, livestock, zoo animals and wildlife..... we love them all!

Pet Care Services

We provide a range of pet care services:

  • pet sitting
  • pet visits (pop-ins)
  • pet walking and exercise
  • pet boarding (small animals)
  • new enclosure set up and cleaning
  • pet taxi / courier service


It's A Bug's World ~ Animal Experiences

We provide bespoke fun, educational and interactive animal experience packages (including talks) for children and adults:

  • birthday parties
  • weddings
  • summer fetes
  • opening days
  • pub family events
  • pre-school
  • school
  • clubs 
  • groups

We can also provide phobia and therapy sessions too!


It's A Bug's World Events

We host our own It's A Bug's World event annually (we usually have a couple events per year) where we provide static and interactive animal displays, provide a Kids Club session and also have breeders and traders in attendance with an array of invertebrates, equipment and interesting gifts. Proceeds from these events go to animal rescue. 

We can also provide our own smaller version of static and interactive displays for private and commercial events. 

Black Cricket Kids Club

Our popular Kids Club sessions welcome children aged between 5 and Year 9 (13/14 years). Sessions are fun, interactive, practical and educational. Children meet and learn about different animals from around the world. 


Help and Support for Lost, Found and Stolen Animals

We provide help and support for owners and their animals that have been lost, found or stolen.


In and around Bedford and Kempston:

In and around Olney:  

Little Lizard Rescue

We provide a rescue and rehoming (and sanctuary) facility for unwanted and abandoned animals as well as those who have come to us due to other reasons.

Originally this started for small lizards such as bearded dragons, leopard geckos and blue tongue skinks,  but when we have availability we also accept invertebrates (e.g. tarantulas, snails, scorpions), small mammals (e.g. rats, hamsters, skunks), birds (e.g. budgies, parrots and macaws), amphibians (e.g. fire bellied toads, red eye tree frogs, cane toads).

invertebrates ~ reptiles ~ amphibians ~ mammals ~ birds ~ fish

Pets including exotics ~ livestock ~ zoo animals

Exotic species specialist